A preview

March 3, 2011

This is a demo of a preliminary version of luce. The caching of the images makes everything quite fast.


Some improvements

March 2, 2011

On a testbed of 100 800×600 jpeg’s, the current bazaar version of luce behaves quite well.
Yes, the jpeg’s are very small, but at the moment the speed looks limited only by the typematic speed rate of the keyboard (about 20 images per second.)

This is achieved in a simple manner: I preload to memory all the 100 images. I’m writing an algorithm that manages the memory consumption and that uses multithreading to preload neighbourhood’s images.

I tried to realize a video with istanbul and recordmydesktop but the output framerate is too low. I have to use an external camera.

A change on focus

February 21, 2011

I’m trying to revive my project. It doesn’t make sense to do a full blown viewer. There are lot of them.

My focus will remain on speed; if I will be able to develop it, luce will be a proof of concept. A stimulus, a set of suggestions for developers in order to make their viewer faster.

In the while, I’ll learn something about open source development. I’m learning eclipse and Autotools.

I’ll keep you informed.


April 1, 2010

I discovered this new viewer:
It is based on gtk+ 2.
It is really well written: its author, Siyan Panayotov, has done a really good job.
Anyway its speed is comparable with eog and the other viewers so my motivation for Luce remains the same.
Anyway good job Siyan! Your viewer is neat and well done 🙂

The first working release

March 26, 2010

This week I won’t have much spare time to dedicate to Luce, so please be patient.
At the moment the code works, it barely loads the file with the built-in clutter_texture_new_from_file() function. It does not take into any account the original width and height and it always resizes it to 800×600. So nothing special… but it works!
I think I will need some more time in order to release version 0.0.2 (a week? It depends on spare time).
After this release, I’ll make an effort to make Luce a bit public (ubuntu forums, blogs…) in order to get some feedback (bug reports, advice, etc.).
Keep in touch! 🙂

if you see something

March 19, 2010

…matching on the right, I’m not 100% crazy (only 99%) 😉


ascii artist???

Getting to the light

March 16, 2010

I should be able to release 0.0.2 in ten days or so!
It will be the first release being able to show images (which is great for an image viewer, hehe).
As usual you can see the code here.
I have designed the basic Image structure; I have changed it many times and I’ll change it again 😉

Now my code is able to scan a directory, filter out unsupported files (at present, only jpeg’s are supported), get their size.
Also, I’m preparing the code for loading a scaled-down jpeg to RAM.
I should have better design the data structures; this would have turned out in less time loss. A lesson for the next time.
Just having some problems at having the same productivity and organization I have at work. Things are slightly different there but I think I’ll be able to write with the same quality.

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