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PPA Archive

The PPA archive is not yet ready at the moment.


You can get a tarball here and compile it.

  1. wget
    Change the URL to whatever is the last release tarball URL (get it on Luce downloads page ).
  2. Install the needed packages as described in the next section.
    sudo apt-get install build-essential libclutter-1.0-dev libjpeg8-dev
  3. In a terminal, type
    tar xzvf luce-0.0.1.tar.gz
    cd luce-0.0.1
    sudo make install
  4. See the usage section in this page for use.

In progress development code

The Luce source code is on Launchpad:

To compile Luce on Ubuntu Karmic, you will need to install a number of packages. You can try this:

sudo apt-get install build-essential bzr libclutter-1.0-dev libjpeg8-dev

Some packages among the above are only present on karmic at the moment so you need to have karmic.
You can also compile Luce on jaunty (in fact my development machine runs on jaunty), but you’ll need to compile a number of libraries from source.

Once you have installed these packages, get the code and compile it. Get it with:

bzr branch lp:luce


cd luce
sudo make install

If you want to compile luce to debug it, modify the configure step as follows:

./configure --enable-debug



You can run the program with

luce [path]

You can either specify a directory or a filename.

Browse the source code

You can browse the code on:
The base launchpad website for Luce is at

Feel free to contribute, file bugs, and so on 🙂


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