Developer self notes

Anjuta manual

Autotools basics
What to install:
sudo apt-get install autoconf

Bazaar / launchpad

  1. bzr launchpad-login marcolazzaroni
  2. get the code in a dir
    bzr branch lp:luce
  3. hack hack hack
  4. get the list of modified files
    bzr status
  5. also:
    bzr diff
  6. bzr commit [--author ...] -m "release details"
  7. Optional
    bzr tag v.0.0.2
  8. You may come back to 3
  9. To store one or more commits on launchpad (must have a ssh key, if needed get one on launchpad)
    bzr push lp:luce


  • If you add new files you need
    bzr add
  • If you want the release history:
    bzr log
  • To ignore files:
    bzr ignore
    file .bzrignore is the list
  • see bzr send and bzr patch for patches

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