Get into the bazaar :-)

The Luce source code is now managed with Bazaar!
There’s not much at the moment; the programs just performs a directory scan for finding images of mime type ‘image/jpeg’.
Anyway now you can stay in touch with Luce’s evolution by typing
bzr branch lp:luce
You can browse the code on:
The base launchpad website for Luce is at

To compile the code, get it with:
bzr branch lp:luce
as already said. Then
cd luce
sudo make install

At the moment my requires the CVS version of gnome-common. This is only because I used simple-scan for the autotools files, and simple-scan has this requirement. I’ll investigate and check if the stable gnome-common package is enough.

Probably, to compile Luce, among other things you’ll need to install the clutter development library:
sudo apt-get install libclutter-1.0-dev
This package is only present on karmic at the moment so you need to have karmic. You can also compile it on jaunty (in fact my development machine runs on jaunty), but you’ll need to compile a number of libraries from source.
I’ll check wich packages need to be installed in order to compile Luce.

Now you can run the program with
luce [path]
You can either specify a directory or a filename.

Update: the stable release of gnome-common is enough, no need for CVS version. See lp:534903.
So you can just
sudo apt-get install gnome-common


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