The basics

I’m developing the basics for Luce.

After a badly written test based upon the great Tuxradar’s clutter tutorial, I decided to rewrite it from scratch.

Being new to developing software inside Linux, I had to pick up an IDE (I have chosen Anjuta) and learn something about autotools and the like.

First impressions: glib is a great library, and devhelp is a great tool. Not quite happy that anjuta doesn’t automatically show the content of a struct in the watcthes (have to do it by hand, a field at a time). Instead, Anjuta is great at integrating with autotools.

At the moment my app takes one parameter (a directory or an image file) and puts all the image files in a doubly linked list.

I used simple-scan as a template for my app, but I plan to rewrite all from scratch, file after file, in order to learn something, and provide something clean and solid.

Gave a try to Quickly but it supports only python and I want to develop Luce in C.

Stay tuned 🙂


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